Monday 21:


09h30-10h15: Gathering and greetings

10h15-11h15: Endre Boros (Invited lecture)
Generating maximal irredundant and minimal redundant subfamilies of a given hypergraph.

11h20-12h00: Yann Strozecki and Arnaud Mary
Generating maximal solutions given by closure operations

12h00-12h40: Louis Petingi and Ilya Gertsbakh    
Counting the Number of Path- and Cut-sets of Restricted Diameter of a Graph, and Applications to Network Reliability Calculation

12h40-14h00:  Lunch

14h00-1500:Marie-France Sagot (Invited Lecture)
Enumeration in the Life Sciences

15h00-15h40: Tiziana Calamoneri, Mattia Gastaldello, Arnaud Mary, Marie-France Sagot and Blerina Sinaimeri    
On Maximal Chain Subgraphs and Covers of Bipartite Graphs

15h40-16h10: (pause café)

16h10-16h50:Petr Golovach, Dieter Kratsch, Mathieu Liedloff, Michael Rao and Mohamed Yosri Sayadi
On Maximal Irredundant Sets and (sigma, rho)-Dominating Sets in Paths

16h50-17h40: Bruno Courcelle    
Using fly-automata for numerical evaluations of monadic second-order queries on graphs of bounded tree-width or clique-width


18h30: Vins & Fromages (Wine & Cheese party)


Tuesday 22:

9h00-10h00:  Khaled El-Bassioni (Invited Lecure)
Some Combinatorial Generation Techniques and Their Applications in Vertex-Enumeration

10h00-10h40: Alessio Conte, Roberto Grossi, Andrea Marino, Lorenzo Tattini and Luca Versari
A Fast Discovery Algorithm for Large Common Connected Induced Subgraphs

10h40-11h00: (pause café)

11h00-11h40: Sergei O. Kuznetsov
 Enumerating closed sets, pseudo-closed sets and closure-based hypotheses

11h40-12h20: Kunihiro Wasa and Takeaki Uno
Efficient Enumeration Algorithms for Bounded-size Degenerate Subgraphs in Graphs

12h20-13h45: Lunch

13h45-14h45: Nadia Creignou (Invited Lecture)
On the Complexity of Hard Enumeration Problems

14h45-15h25:  Karima Ennaoui and Lhouari Nourine
Hybrid algorithms for candidate keys enumeration for a relational schema

15h25-15h45: (pause café)

15h45-16h25: Hossein Teimoori Faal    
Kelly's Counting Lemma and Clique Polynomials

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